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Friday, July 15, 2011

Decorating with Mirrors

I thoroughly enjoyed this article from the Washington Post's Home & Garden Tips, called "Decorating with Mirrors", By Megan Buerger:

Everyone knows that mirrors are a great way to make a small room appear larger. But mirrors have several benefits when it comes to interior decorating. Here, we've compiled a few reasons to incorporate mirrors large and small into your home.

Make an artistic statement: A mirror can make a bold statement in any room, much like a painting or sculpture. If you're aiming for simplicity, place one large mirror on the wall of a living room. If you're looking to spice up a dull space, hang clusters of mirrors on the same wall. Remember that the scale of the mirrors should be proportional to each other and to the space. If you're working with a larger space, five medium sized mirrors will look more appropriate than 10 small ones.

Dramatize your entryway: When it comes to decorating, entries are an important space because they are the first room guests see upon entering your home. Create a dramatic ambience in your foyer by hanging an oversized mirror above a large bouquet of flowers and opposite the windows. What's more, a mirrored entryway means everyone can give themselves a final check before leaving the house.

Bring in the light: Typically, dining rooms are the least lit space in a house. People compensate for the lack of natural light by using overhead lighting, sconces or floor lamps. But remember that mirrors make an even greater impact on rooms in need of light. Their reflective qualities can make one floor lamp light twice the amount of space, or a wall of sconces suddenly double! If you're the entertaining type, remember that they also make the crowd seem twice as large -- a technique regularly employed by bars, hotels and restaurants.

Here is the link to the article:

And did you know that Dominion Electric Supply does sell and display some mirrors? Yes, we are a lighting store, but a lot of our manufacturers offer mirrors, so we like to dabble in them, too. Here's a sampling of the ones we have on display in Chantilly:

Uttermost 8340

Uttermost 14028

This one is SO much bigger than it looks here! It is 46" wide by 76" tall ~ definitely what Megan Buerger would call "oversized"! Uttermost 14203

Uttermost 1901 ~ love the thickness of this one.

Sometimes plain & simple is just the thing ~ Uttermost 19590

And sometimes ornate is better! Uttermost 12691

Murray Feiss MR1077WAL

Then we have Asian ~ Cyan 03033

And Mission ~ Kichler 41046TZ

And even Chain Link! ~ Kichler 78126

This one is my favorite, like an old Venetian style ~ Kichler 78119

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