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Monday, March 14, 2011

New LED products in stock

We have some amazing new LED products in stock at Dominion Electric Supply this month, so I wanted to tell you about them. First up, we have CSL's Eco-Downlight LED recessed lights.

This catalog page does them no justice! The web address is, and we have them on display in all 3 showrooms (Chantilly, Arlington, and Laurel). The displays are fabulous ~ they show the new LED downlight right next to a traditional 50-watt MR16 low voltage halogen downlight, so you can really compare the two. I think the LED is actually brighter than the MR16, and of course they will last way longer, and they only use 16 watts, so you save 34 watts per recessed fixture. They include 3 different "optics" in the box, so you can choose a narrow (25*), a flood (45*), or a wide flood (65*). They have round trims and square trims, and all sorts of finish and housing options.

Next, we've brought in some LED replacement lamps from Philips. That website is

We have 12-watt PAR30 lamps, both long neck and short neck, in 2700K and 3000K. These are rated for a 45,000 lamp life, with a CRI of 85, and their lumen output ranges from 660 to 700.

I know this one looks a little Sci Fi, but when it is lit, it is gorgeous! This is their 12-watt, award-winning replacement for a 60-watt "A" lamp (your general household lamp). I have it in a table lamp outside my office, and it is lovely (and bright!). It's rated for 25,000 hours with a CRI of 80, and 800 lumens.

Next we have 17-watt PAR38 lamps in 2700K & 3000K. They have a 45,000 hour life, 85 CRI, and lumens of 880-930.

This is the 7-watt PAR20 replacement, at 45,000 hours, 85CRI, and 250 lumens.

I got to try one of these MR16's in my kitchen, and I am in love! It is brighter than my 50-watt halogens, and it uses only 10 watts. It has a lamp life of 25,000 hours, it's 2700K, 450 lumens, and a CRI of 83. We don't have this one in our stores yet, but it will arrive soon.

All of these products are dimmable, too. I hear Kichler ( is about to convert their under cabinet all-in-one LED unit to a dimmable unit, so we'll be changing out our stock on those just as soon as they are available. I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Great post! I love led lights because it is user-friendly and eco-friendly too!