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Monday, February 7, 2011

Lighting Tips ~ Care of Crystorama Lighting

I'm always looking for lighting tips to share with our readers. Last week I had a wonderful chat with Claudia Dal Lago at Crystorama Lighting, and she guided me to great pages in their catalog and web site:

I know you can't read this on screen, so if you don't want to click & print my picture, let me give you the highlights:

  • How wide should a chandelier be? Measure the length & the width of the room and add those figures together (and make them inches). For example, if your room is 12' x 14', 12 + 14 = 26, so your chandelier should be about 26" wide (give or take a couple of inches).

  • How low should a chandelier hang with a two-story ceiling? The chandelier should hang 10-11' above the floor.

  • What is the height a chandelier should hang above a table? The bottom of the chandelier should hang 30-32" above the table (which is usually about 5' off the floor).

Please remember that all of this info is also on Crystorama's web site.

Next they talk about the different types of crystal that they offer:

  • Swarovski Elements used to be called "Strass" ~ it's the most optically pure and has an invisible coating that makes it easier to clean.

  • Swarovski Spectra is a wonderful alternative crystal. It is still brilliant with superior light reflections.

  • Hand-cut Clear Crystal is the choice of traditionalists. It's hand cut and then polished on a wood wheel with marble dust.

  • Silver Shade & Golden Teak are the newest colored crystals ~ great for the glamour look, or added elegance.

They also have a great Facebook fan page, and they've already run one contest, with more to come, so you should "Like" them if you don't already! Here's a link to their page:

Stay tuned ~ they're planning to also launch a Twitter page very soon!

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Thanks again to Crystorama Lighting for sharing their great tips!

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