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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lighting Layout Raffle

Happy Groundhog Day! I heard he predicted a short winter, which I'm sure all the people in the middle of the country will be happy to hear!

February also brings the official beginning to our Lighting Layout raffle.

We've always offered Lighting Layout Services, but we feel like we've never publicized them well, and we wanted to get our act in gear! So send me your Name, Address, Phone, Fax, email, and I will enter you in the raffle (I can be reached at You will be entered to win a FREE 3-hour Lighting Layout Consultation. This includes:

  • A trained lighting specialist to review your plans (you can choose your specialist from any of our 3 area showrooms ~ Arlington, Laurel, or Chantilly).

  • A lighting layout.

  • A Quotation.

Winners will be drawn at random at the end of February. One winner per showroom!

This card shows the particulars of the Layout Fee:

So normally we would charge $100 per hour, and then we apply that fee in full to your order, as long as the majority of the original quotation is ordered. So really, it's free to you. Please remember that lighting design takes time, and we suggest making an appointment for consultation with blueprints or plans.

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