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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Interesting Articles to Share

Today I wanted to share several articles that I found interesting, in my various newspaper & web reading this week! The first one is from today's front page of the Washington Post, talking about one LED lighting company based out of Florida:

I especially liked the photo gallery, with behind-the-scenes shots of the makings of these LED lamps. There really ARE little computer boards inside these things, and they have a couple of great pictures illustrating that fact.

Next, I saw a link on Twitter to this Better Homes & Gardens post about kitchen lighting, so I thought I should share the link here:

Anyone who talks about the importance of dimming is an expert in my book!

Here are some of their kitchen application shots:

Monorail continues to be so popluar ~ who doesn't love the flexibility of a rail system paired with cheerful glass?!

This is one of our favorite styles ~ multiple small chandeliers over an island.

And it's hard to beat the simplicity of clean pendants over an island.
Next, some tips for bedroom lighting from a fellow blogger:

Another nice suggestion for dimmers here!

That's it for today. Next week I'll be away at the ALA Conference in Vegas, so I hope to post some pictures from there onto our Facebook and Twitter pages. Stay tuned!

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