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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Washington Post D.C. Design 2009

Have you seen today's Washington Post? The Home section is featuring the D.C. Design House, and our Pat Stanley tells us she assisted with the lighting design in 3 of the rooms. The one shown here is David Mitchell's, with a gorgeous Corbett chandelier right in the middle. He also gives "A Designer's Tips for Beautiful Lighting", so I just have to share those here! They say "When it comes to recessed lighting, designer David Mitchell says less is more. "People tend to put too many recessed lights in a room, and it gets overwhelming," he says, "...and there are so many great hanging fixtures out there." His room in the D.C. Design House is a good example. To help homeowners, the designer offers his formula for the most beautiful way to light a standard-size room:
  • Install four recessed lights, one in each corner of the room, placing them 24" from the wall (not the molding) for an overall warm glow.
  • Hang a fixture in the center for ambient lighting and to provide a focal point.
  • Use a table or floor lamp for accent and task lighting.
  • Watch your wattage. If your lamp has a single bulb, use a 60-watt. If your lamp has two bulbs, use two 40-watts.
  • Have all lights on dimmers, even lamps."

Thanks, David ~ we couldn't agree more!

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