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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Architectural Digest May 2009

I had a chance to breeze through the May issue of Architectural Digest yesterday, and there are so many great things to share! First, there was an ad for Lutron that caught my eye: In the top right corner they say "save energy with Lutron", and it occurred to me that many people probably don't know how dimmers save energy, while also extending bulb life. Lutron offers this chart on all of their literature:
So changing bulbs to compact fluorescents isn't the only way to save energy. If you want to be able to control your light intensity, or you just love your old incandescent & halogen bulbs, think about changing your switch to a dimmer instead. I have them all over my house ~ the bathroom is my favorite place for them! Who wants to start their day with harsh 100% bright light when you can start it soft & dimmed instead?! Lutron also says this:
"ECO FACT - DID YOU KNOW??? If every home replaced one switch with a dimmer, it would be a net savings of 2241 million KWhrs/year. 1 KWhr produces 1.0 lb. CO2, so by eliminating 2241 million KWhrs/year, we would eliminate the production of 4.260 million lbs CO2. A typical car in the US produces 11,450 lbs CO2 per year... So we end up with the savings being equivalent to taking 370,000 cars off the road. PLUS THE DIMMER WILL PAY FOR ITSELF!"

The next thing in Architectural Digest that caught my eye was OUR ad & editorial, of course. Here is the editorial piece & picture:

That fixture we feature is made by Kalco. As usual, if you'd like more information about it, please let me know.

And then last, I just LOVE this new ad from Gulick Group ~ and I also supply all their lighting, so of course they are near & dear to me!

So that was a most fabulous issue, full of goodies, don't you think?!

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