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Monday, February 9, 2009

Juno LED under cabinet light

We at Dominion Electric Supply like to pride ourselves on keeping up on all the latest technologies and trends. The most exciting thing to happen in our world is the introduction of LED lighting into our residential market. I've mentioned Kichler's LED under cabinet light, and Tech's LED pendants and track heads ~ now I want to show you Juno's "Pro-LED" under cabinet. As much as I adore Kichler's because the color quality is amazing and it is incredibly thin, it is a bit complicated to install because it's a system and requires remote drivers (like a transformer). The great thing about this new Juno product is that the driver is on board, so it can replace any old fluorescent or xenon or halogen in an existing kitchen ~ it wires up exactly the same way! It's a bit thicker (1" vs. Kichler's 1/2"), but for a retrofit situation, I think it's going to be a great choice. I wonder if we should stock them, so if you have an opinion about that, please Comment here!


  1. I've already special ordered yes!

  2. I'm ordering them as well, so I agree - stock them!

  3. I have looked at the Kichler LED under cabinet system, and much prefer the 1/2 inch profile. It has a clean slim look. Unfortunately, these lights require a different wire, so my electrician is recommending Juno LED. With the 1-inch profile they are more clunky. On the Juno website I see that they offer another LED system, Danalite,

    Does anyone know about this system?

    My two current options are the following:

    Kichler xenon plug-in system because these would be low profile.

    Juno Danalite LED system. These look low profile but I've also ben informed that the LED system does not put out very good task lighting vs. the xenon.

    Opinions please? Thanks, s.

  4. There are many many LED undercabinet lights coming out now ~ so many, in fact, that we have hesitated stocking any of them! The technology is changing so fast, we want to wait until things settle down a bit before committing to stock. So the brands that have them are: NSL, CSL, Maxim, and the ones you've mentioned. We have the Kichler on display, and we have a sample of the CSL we can plug in and show you. Our Juno rep also reps NSL, so we could also set up a meeting with her & you so she could show you all of theirs ~ she has samples of them all. I'll be on vacation next week, but if you want to set something up, please contact Cathleen Smith in my showrom at 703-814-7466 or We'd love to help!!!

  5. Kichler's Design Pro LED are Class 2 listed so the small wire can go through walls and cabinets.....(unless a local code doesn't follow the NEC).

    Plus having a transformer on each and every fixture is another electrical component that could fail......

  6. I have seen Kichler LED Undercabinet Lighting system.the product are so stylish and so innovative.