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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lighting Tips From The Pros

Lighting Tips from the Pro's - Dominion Electric Supply
You’re ready to shop for new lighting, but you have some questions. We’re here to help! When it comes to lighting, our many years of experience means we can guide you in
selecting the right lighting for your space – whether you’re shopping for a new dining room chandelier or considering a whole room renovation.

Lighting is such an important element in the home, customers usually have a lot of questions as we plan their lighting. Here are some of the most common questions we hear and the lighting tips you can use before choosing the perfect lighting for your space.

What is the right type of fixture for my foyer - Lighting Tip
Image courtesy of Kichler Lighting
What is the right type of fixture for my foyer?

When determining the type of fixture for the foyer, scale is important. Many foyers have a higher ceiling height than other rooms, so a larger fixture is appropriate. The best rule of thumb is that the bottom of the fixture should be at least 7’ from the floor. If there is a window above the door in a 2-story foyer, center the fixture so it can be seen from the outside.

What is the correct table to ceiling ratio when choosing  a dining room chandelier?
Image courtesy of Elan Lighting
What is the correct table to ceiling ratio when choosing a dining room chandelier?

There are two dimensions to consider when selecting a dining room chandelier: the size of the chandelier, and the height placement above the table. Generally, a good chandelier size is calculated by adding the width and length of the room, and converting that size to inches. For example, a dining room measuring 18’ x 22’ would look best with a 40” diameter chandelier.

When placing the chandelier above the dining room table in a room with an 8’ ceiling, the bottom of the fixture should be approximately 32” to 34” above the tabletop. If the ceiling is higher than 8’, mount the chandelier an additional 3” higher for each foot above 8 feet.

Image courtesy of Hinkley Lighting
What is the best placement for bathroom vanity lights?

There are usually two types of bathroom lighting: wall sconces and bath bars, which are placed above the mirror. Sconces flanking the vanity or mirror should be mounted at eye level, approximately 36” to 40” apart. A good width for bath bar lights is 24” so there is even lighting across all surface. The fixture should be mounted 75” to 80” from the floor and centered in the vanity or mirror space.

What does transitional lighting mean - Lighting Tip
Image courtesy of Currey and Company
Is it okay to mix finishes together in a room or is it better to stick with the same finish?

In the past, decorators recommended using the same finish for all the fixtures in a room for consistency’s sake. Nowadays, mixing finishes is completely acceptable and actually brings a lot of character to a room. For instance, mixing and matching finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel looks spectacular. Brass and chrome also work well together. The only caveat is to keep the mix to two finishes per room – any more than that can make the room look disjointed.

What does transitional mean?

Transitional simply means the fixture is versatile. Feel free to mix a transitional chandelier with contemporary pendants – the looks play well together and results in an ornate and sleek look.

Friday, July 14, 2017

All You Need ARE FANS

54" Valby Ceiling Fan by Casablanca
In our lighting showrooms, we are thrilled to see ceiling fans become more than just functional appliances. Done right, today’s fans can be an important design element in a home and have an additional benefit of energy conservation year round. (see previous article on Using a Ceiling Fan Year Round)

When selecting a ceiling fan, consider the fan size (bigger rooms need bigger fans), ceiling height (optimal fan placement would be either 8 or 9 feet from the floor), blades (angle for optimal circulation and balance), motor (for quiet operation), other requirements like lights, and location (does it need to be damp rated?) and the fun part - style.

Irving Flores, Residential Lighting in our Arlington lighting showroom picked out a few of his current favorite fan styles and what he is selecting for customers today.

“The trend towards two and three blades gives the fans a wonderful sculptural feel.” 

Check out this great article in the Washington Post Home Section talking about ceiling fans and the new stylish options available in the market. Washington Post Link >  
30 " Orchid Casablanca Ceiling Fans30” Orchid - The expansive blades mimic the asymmetrical shape and flow of beautiful blooming orchid petals. The long downrod extends and expands from the ceiling like a fluid stem, placing focus entirely on the beautiful blades.
60" Aviation Minka Aire Ceiling Fan
60” Aviation - LED ceiling fan is a brushed nickel beauty that takes its inspiration from early propeller aircraft. The 60 inch blade span produces over 6500 cubic feet of airflow per minute with a whisper quiet DC fan motor.
13" Beckwith Fanimation Contemporary Ceiling Fan
13" Beckwith - Fanimation continues to elevate their designs with the Beckwith. Its ultramodern finish adds a contemporary style to any room giving your space a retro vibe with a sleek, contemporary edge. Offered in a brushed nickel finish with white frosted glass and an oil-rubbed bronze finish with white frosted glass.
52 Wisp Casablanca Ceiling Fan
52" Wisp - A contemporary design with retro flare, the Wisp brings a balance of finesse and joviality directly into your home. The unique curvature in the blades adds a touch of personality to an otherwise clean, elegant design. The result is a composition with a light, airy aura that will inspire joy and comfort throughout the entire room.

The Kellan Ceiling Fan by Fanimation
The Kellan design features a gearless direct drive motor, neoprene belting and sealed ball bearings. The Kellan can be tailored to fit any style. It comes in brushed nickel and dark bronze finishes with brushed nickel and reversible cherry/walnut blades.
52" Torto Ceiling Fan by Fanimation
52” Torto - The Torto’s three blades encircle the fan base and form a dynamic image that is impossible to ignore. The airflow pattern created by this fan is unique in that it pushes at an angle instead of straight down, like a traditional fan.

54" Link Ceiling Fan by Kichler54” Link - The unique look of this two-blade fan features a dramatic center focal point. The open-air, circular center draws the eye up and brings together the polished nickel finish and blades flawlessly. This 54-inch fan is comparable in air flow to a standard five-blade fan.
15" Terna Ceiling Fan by Kichler15” Terna - For the modernist, Kichler’s brushed nickel LED Terna pendant fan is a statement maker. Only 15-inches in diameter, the Terna is perfect for over kitchen islands, pool tables, cocktail tables, office desks, in small kitchens or dining nooks… the applications are endless.

56" Xety Ceiling Fan by Kichler
56” Xety - This 56” ceiling fan in brushed nickel from the Xety collection does more with less: the compact light fills a room with illumination while two slender blades deliver robust air movement.
52" Wave Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire52” Wave - A stylish and efficient design, this unique and contemporary ceiling fan features a three-blade style with a bold wave design to provide a special look and additional efficiency.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

ALL YOU NEED IS LIGHT and a Wild New Chandelier Design

Stop by Dominion Electric Supply to see NEW lighting styles. These masculine designs are sure to light up his man cave or give any room that wow factor. Everything from a WILD Elk chandelier design to a restoration-vintage Cast Iron Pipe chandelier. We've got the perfect designs to match any decor with prices to fit any budget.

Elk Chandelier
Elk Collection – This 9-light chandelier will give any space the feeling of the great outdoors. Finished in Wood Brown.

Elk Lighting (16316/9)

Savoy House industrial style chandelier
Connell Collection – Get cagey with the Savoy House 3 light pendant, designed by Brian Thomas! Great industrial style comes courtesy of the cages protecting each shade of clear seeded glass and the sleek arms are finished in bold English bronze.

Savoy House Lighting (8-575-3-13)

Elk Lighting Cast Iron Pipe Collection Pendant
Cast Iron Pipe Collection – Restoration-vintage island light available in and Weathered Zinc-Zinc Plating finish. The restoration-vintage style is sure to complement any kitchen or dining room.

Elk Lighting (10690/4)

Hudson Valley Gaines Collection chandelier
Gaines Collection – 4 light large pendant applies industrial details such as studded rivets, perforated metalwork, and heavy brass extrusions to twenty-first century fixtures. Gaines offers a chance to add rich textural contrast and Machine Age intrigue to any space.

Hudson Valley (2222-AOB)

Hinkley Lighting Americana Barn Light
Rigby Collection – 3 light linear pendant inspired by the Americana barn light reborn as a chic interior retro classic. Features such as cast socket covers, mesh shades and canopy detail combine the best in both vintage and industrial design elements.

Hinkley Lighting (4364PN)
Capital Lighting Gavin Collection Chandelier
Gavin Collection – 12 light large chandelier flaunts an impressive, radial form in a striking two-tone treatment. Painted gold and iron finishes produce an intriguing contrast that echoes rustic, industrial style. Flaunting masculine flair and minimalistic lines, this chandelier helps add character and light to urban settings.

Capital Lighting (421402IG)
Hinkley Lighting Fulham Collection orb chandelier
Fulham Collection – 5 light chandelier with bold orb design showcases clear beveled glass lenses that punctuate the minimalist elegance with an industrial edge. Its sleek lines combine with cast sockets and mid-century elements for a dynamic transitional style.

Hinkley Lighting (3925KZ)

Hudson Valley Abrams Collection
Abrams Collection – 5 light chandelier. A stark work of minimalist sophistication, Abrams mounts elongated candlesticks of finely finished metal into wide black cross-pieces. These monolithic, textured black arms form a striking juxtaposition with the smooth, round candlesticks. Each arm, both on sconce and chandelier, contains a socket on either side. An exposed carbon-filament bulb is the natural choice for lamping, rounding the piece out.

Hudson Valley (8825-AGB)

Maxim Lighting Palladium Chandelier
Palladium Collection – 5 light chandelier. Popular in today's interior design is this industrial collection featuring frames of metal mesh finished in Black and accented with cast Natural Aged Brass accents looks great with vintage carbon filament bulbs. A large variety of size and price points are provided to satisfy everyone from the discriminate designer to the building contractor.

Maxim Lighting (20115BKNAB/BUI)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Beauty and Brains - Smart lighting control for your home

Meet the family

Caséta Wireless is made up of dimmers, a remote control, a bridge, and an app.

 You can build your smart lighting system with as few or as many products as you’d like. A kit is the easiest way to begin, but you can also purchase products individually and mix and match them. And you can add more products to your system at any time.

Connected Living Throughout Your Home

Getting started is easy. It takes just a few minutes to install your Caséta Wireless lighting control system. Once you have your system up and running, you can seamlessly expand beyond lighting to other connected home solutions.

Lutron Smart Bridge and App for Caseta Wireless

The Smart Bridge and App for Caséta Wireless are the perfect foundations for creating a connected home system. Monitor and control lights (as well as shades and temperature) from anywhere, so you can always be in touch with your home with or without an internet connection.

Lutron Automated Shades and Thermostats
Integrate with Automated Shades, Thermostats
Leaving work earlier than usual? Want a warm welcome home from your vacation? Control the comfort of your home from anywhere using the Lutron App and a wide range of compatible thermostats, including Lutron, Honeywell®, Nest®, Carrier® and ecobee®.

Lutron Serena® wireless shades
These battery-powered shades are easy to install, they move quietly, and have batteries that are the industry leading battery life. Available in roller or insulating honeycomb styles.

Add personalized scenes to control multiple lights and shades together at the touch of a button. Create a “movie” scene that dims lights and lowers shades as the movie begins. Or create a “goodnight” scene that turns off all your lights and closes shades before you drift off to sleep.

Schedule lights and shades to adjust automatically at set times of day. Turn on your porch light at sunset and turn it off at sunrise. Turn lights on to a soft level and slightly raise shades every morning as you head into the kitchen for coffee.

The geofencing feature controls lights based on your location. Maybe you always leave the entryway lights on as you head out the door in the morning? Geofencing will turn them off for you once you’re out the door. It can also turn lights on for you when you come home.

Look like you’re at home—even if you’re not
The Smart Away feature randomly turns lights on and off during the evening when you’re not home. You can manually trigger this feature in the app at your convenience or automatically trigger it if geofencing is turned on. You can also trigger Smart Away using the Nest Home/Away Assist feature.

Apple® HomeKit enabled
The Smart Bridge contains Apple HomeKit technology, so you can use Siri® to control your lights. Tell Siri to turn all your lights off just before going to bed or to dim your dining room lights as guests arrive for a party.

Control from anywhere
Control lights, shades and temperature in the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world – the office, the airport, the beach – so lights aren’t left on or shades aren’t left open when you’re away.

Expand your Smart Home System
The system can even be expanded and integrated with best-in-class products available from partners like Apple, Xfinity, Nest, and the Echo “Alexa” from Amazon to incorporate the best Smart Home technology into your home.

Lutron Caséta Wireless works with Alexa

The system is ultra-reliable
Caséta Wireless features Lutron’s patented Clear Connect® technology, which sets the bar for reliable wireless performance. Its quiet frequency band is free of interference, so your Caséta Wireless dimmers are not affected by other wireless products. It just works!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Saving Energy in Style with LED Lighting

LED Lighting has never looked so good. Saving energy with new fixtures is both energy-efficient and stylish.

Kichler Outdoor Patio Lighting

Palisades Collection – The Palisades outdoor pendant collection from Kichler features a Natural Wicker globe shade with Olde Bronze Finish. The perfect addition to your patio, porch or gazebo, this pendant achieves energy efficiency with an outdoor-rated LED bulb.

Calligraphy Collection by Corbett Lighting
Calligraphy Collection – A dramatic addition to any space, Corbett’s Calligraphy pendant design evokes swirling script flowing across the page. At its core are two powerful LED light engines, surrounded by floating bands and held in place by thin, curving lines. Airy and sculptural, this unique fixture is made from hand-crafted iron and hand-finished in modern Silver Leaf. Available in four pendant sizes and a wall sconce, this energy-efficient light will bring both beauty and movement to your home.

Arramore Collection from Feiss

Arramore Collection – The Arramore Collection from Feiss is a perfect example, melding style with substance. The collection features LED Halo Rings integrated in a delicate pattern finished in Dark Weathered Zinc. The modern silhouettes of these pendants and wall lights are equally suited for indoor or outdoor spaces – and are also Dark Sky compliant.

Contemporary LED lighting from Tech Lighting

Cosmo Collection – If you favor contemporary designs and cutting-edge technology, you will be drawn to the Cosmo Collection by Tech Lighting. The elegant, contemporary LED wall sconces feature a rectilinear acrylic shade mounted on a die-cast aluminum base with marine-grade powder coat finish. Shade colors include Frost White, Amber Frit, White Acrylic, or White Frit, and base finish choices are Antique Bronze, Chrome, or Satin Nickel. Suitable for either indoors or outdoors – wet-listed for resistance to dust and water.

Sawyer Collection from Hinkley Lighting with wood finish

Sawyer Collection – Traditionalists will love the industrial look of Hinkley’s Sequoia Linear Outdoor Chandelier. The faux wood finish coated steel ensures maximum resilience to outdoor conditions, while the Clear Seedy Glass shades are ideally suited for vintage filament bulbs or dimmable LED candlelight bulbs. Bring a look of rustic elegance to your outdoor space and enjoy years of beauty and performance.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Light – the Heart of Your Home

Light can have a profound effect on all aspects of life – your mood, work and health.

Kichler living room chandeliers

QUICK FIX: Make a big change in a little time. 

It only takes minutes to make a big change in your home’s lighting. Here’s how:

• 5 minutes – Put in a new light bulb. Pick an LED to save energy and light bulb life. To better match traditional incandescent light, go for one with a 2700 Kelvin rating. (Look on the package for key numbers.)
• 15 minutes – Switch out a lamp shade or two. Try textured options, such as linen, to add interesting contrast, or spice things up with a color to match an accent piece.
• 30 minutes – Trade dimmers and switches for new smart-home options. This can be surprisingly easy, and can totally transform the look and comfort of a room.
• 60 minutes – Install a new chandelier, pendant(s), sconces or other fixture. Depending on your level of DIY experience, this makeover may require the help of an electrician, but is not a complicated or expensive procedure.

Expert Lighting Advice

EXPERT ADVICE: Want More Ideas? Ask a Lighting Professional* 

I have elderly relatives coming for an extended visit. What are some easy ways to adjust my lighting to make them more comfortable?

Preparing for your older visitors by adjusting your home lighting is a great idea. As we grow older, our eyes change. Research shows that a 60-year-old needs twice as much light as a 30-year-old. With that in mind, it will help to set up special lighting for task areas before your older guests arrive.

It is important to have light that you can direct, such as a pivoting or adjustable head on a task lamp. If possible, have a few table lamps or a torchiere that can be turned on while they watch TV. That will help reduce the contrast between the bright screen and the surrounding darkness of the room.

Dimmers are ideal in the bathroom to add a bit of illumination to navigate during the night. That is helpful for people of any age.

*Q&A courtesy of the American Lighting Association.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2016 Market Trends in Review

The Buyers are back from the January Market and as we await their picks for the upcoming year - we thought we'd take a look back....

Lightovation, the Dallas Market Center lighting show each January and June, always has fabulous fixtures for our buyers to bring back to our showrooms.  It’s a huge market with hundreds of manufacturers exhibiting their latest product introductions.  It’s not only hard to get to everyone during the show; it’s even harder to keep track of everything!  After Market each year, we ask our buyers that attended to narrow down the trends and highlight just a few of their favorites for the year to introduce to our customers.  Here’s what captured their attention in 2016:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our best wishes and warm thanks to you this Thanksgiving. Enjoy the long weekend with friends and family. Stay home - Brighten your Day.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Designer Picks

Lighting matters.  It not only illuminates a space, it can be a beautiful focal point of the room.  It also gives a homeowner another chance to show off their style.  From time to time The Washington Post "Local Living" section will feature guest designers who pick “go to” fixtures.  I love seeing their choices and have been wanting to reach out and let everyone know - you can get most of these fixtures right here in our local area showrooms.  See it – touch it – take it home!

Here’s a sampling:


Feiss Cadence 2-Light Pendant

Dark Antique Brass / Matte BlackShade: Glass in White Opal Etched finish

Harking back to period-inspired, warehouse lighting, the Cadence lighting collection by Feiss is a contemporary update to historic industrial fixtures. The riveted center band, as well as the vented top and square-linked chain on the pendants, add rich, visual interest yet don’t distract from the clean lines of the overall silhouette.

Dimensions: D: 13'' H: 13 1/8''
(2) Medium 75w Max. Incandescent bulbs

Hinkley Lighting Fletcher 2-Light Pendant

$309 Steel with Etched Opal Glass Style No.: 4834DZ

Fletcher’s chic vibe transcends style boundaries. A seamless dome shade features a cast-fitter and an elegant capture ring that secures the etched opal glass with decorative cast knobs. Spanning vintage to industrial, classic to transitional, Fletcher seamlessly unifies any décor declaration.

Dimensions: Width:  13.5"  Height:  14.5"
2-100w MED bulbs

Feiss Marquise Mini Pendant

Capturing the fun of contemporary crystal and designed to follow the cut of a marquise diamond, the Marquise lighting collection by Feiss has a delicate, exposed metal frame adorned with a silver leaf application and then finished with a string of hand-applied crystal beading to grab the warm light and make a dynamic sparkle. Available in either a Silver finish with Clear color crystals or Burnished Silver finish with Champagne color crystals.

Dimensions: D: 9 5/8'' H: 15 3/4''
(1) Medium 75w Max. Incandescent

Elk Lighting Joline 1-Light Pendant
Brushed Brass Style No.: 22010/1

1 Med. Bulb

Hudson Valley Lighting Concord
Style No.: 8811-HN

Concord’s cast collar, adorned with mounting thumbscrews, secures a special globe of mouth-blown glass. Trained artisans create this soft-white “triplex” glass by encasing the milky layer in a double-dipping of glossy, clear glass. The finished piece has unmatched visual depth. Light reflects evenly across the globe, diffusing bright spots and obscuring socket components in the soft, creamy glow.

Diameter/Width 11.00" Height 13.25"
Min - Max Height 19.25" - 73.25"
1 Wattage 75 Medium Base - A19 Bulb

Aged Brass (AGB)
Old Bronze (OB)
Polished Nickel (PN)

Flush Mounts:

Hudson Valley Lighting Bethesda

(we have a sconce and chandelier on display from this family)
While Bethesda’s roots are rustic, its modern poise calls to current tastes. At the frontier of bold design, Hudson Valley branded Bethesda’s six-point star base with classic American inspiration. Hand-worked finishes and light, eco-paper shades soften the look for contemporary settings. The collection’s durable cast details embody their commitment to exceptional design.

Diameter/Width 7.00"  Height 7.00"
1 60 Watt lamp Medium Base - A19 Bulb

Aged Brass (AGB)
Aged Silver (AS)
Old Bronze (OB)
Polished Chrome (PC)
Polished Nickel (PN)


Hudson Valley Lighting Bethesda Chandelier

Diameter/Width 30.50" Height 22.25"
Min - Max Height 25.25" - 76.25"
6- 60 watt Candelabra bulbs

Aged Brass (AGB)
Aged Silver (AS)
Polished Nickel (PN)

Our lighting showrooms are located in Arlington, Virginia 703-536-4400; Chantilly, Virginia 703-631-8300; and Laurel, Maryland 301-470-2121.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Rooms that work twice as hard

Photo: Lighting Design by Pat Stanley for Weiss Alexander Design Group LLC

The American Lighting Association (we are members) is a great resource for all things lighting. They send out a free E-Newsletter each month always filled with information you can use when thinking about lighting for your home.

Their latest newsletter talks about rooms with multiple uses, in particular family rooms.

A family room that doubles as a media room requires lighting that can be adjusted to minimize glare and shadows while providing ample illumination for varying activities.

The holiday season is right around the corner, making this the perfect time to get ready to entertain family and friends. Whether those guests are coming just to watch the big game or to stay for an extended period of time, your media space will no doubt be a popular gathering spot.  And lighting mixed-use spaces can be tricky.

The types of fixtures typically used in a multi-purpose family room are different from those suited for a dedicated media room. In a mixed-use space, multiple layers of adjustable light are necessary to suit different tasks and myriad light requirements.

Inside and outside light affects TV viewing. When lighting a media viewing space, it is imperative to consider all sources of light. Natural light from outside is as influential as light from indoor fixtures. Multi-purpose spaces generally have windows, which create the need to control that light during the daytime as well as at night when even minor reflections can be distracting. 

Just as important as your light source is the time of day and season, all of which affect the amount of light coming in as well as the angle and intensity of the light.  Having a versatile controls system can help.

A space that doubles as a both a media room and family gathering spot requires lighting that can be easily adjusted. Lutron's Caséta Wireless system can control lights, window shades and room temperature with one device.

Want to know more?  Visit us!  We have ALA Certified Lighting Specialists in each of our lighting showrooms.  But remember, lighting design takes time, it is best to make an appointment if you'd like to go over blue prints or plans.