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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lighting Tips From The Pros

Lighting Tips from the Pro's - Dominion Electric Supply
You’re ready to shop for new lighting, but you have some questions. We’re here to help! When it comes to lighting, our many years of experience means we can guide you in
selecting the right lighting for your space – whether you’re shopping for a new dining room chandelier or considering a whole room renovation.

Lighting is such an important element in the home, customers usually have a lot of questions as we plan their lighting. Here are some of the most common questions we hear and the lighting tips you can use before choosing the perfect lighting for your space.

What is the right type of fixture for my foyer - Lighting Tip
Image courtesy of Kichler Lighting
What is the right type of fixture for my foyer?

When determining the type of fixture for the foyer, scale is important. Many foyers have a higher ceiling height than other rooms, so a larger fixture is appropriate. The best rule of thumb is that the bottom of the fixture should be at least 7’ from the floor. If there is a window above the door in a 2-story foyer, center the fixture so it can be seen from the outside.

What is the correct table to ceiling ratio when choosing  a dining room chandelier?
Image courtesy of Elan Lighting
What is the correct table to ceiling ratio when choosing a dining room chandelier?

There are two dimensions to consider when selecting a dining room chandelier: the size of the chandelier, and the height placement above the table. Generally, a good chandelier size is calculated by adding the width and length of the room, and converting that size to inches. For example, a dining room measuring 18’ x 22’ would look best with a 40” diameter chandelier.

When placing the chandelier above the dining room table in a room with an 8’ ceiling, the bottom of the fixture should be approximately 32” to 34” above the tabletop. If the ceiling is higher than 8’, mount the chandelier an additional 3” higher for each foot above 8 feet.

Image courtesy of Hinkley Lighting
What is the best placement for bathroom vanity lights?

There are usually two types of bathroom lighting: wall sconces and bath bars, which are placed above the mirror. Sconces flanking the vanity or mirror should be mounted at eye level, approximately 36” to 40” apart. A good width for bath bar lights is 24” so there is even lighting across all surface. The fixture should be mounted 75” to 80” from the floor and centered in the vanity or mirror space.

What does transitional lighting mean - Lighting Tip
Image courtesy of Currey and Company
Is it okay to mix finishes together in a room or is it better to stick with the same finish?

In the past, decorators recommended using the same finish for all the fixtures in a room for consistency’s sake. Nowadays, mixing finishes is completely acceptable and actually brings a lot of character to a room. For instance, mixing and matching finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel looks spectacular. Brass and chrome also work well together. The only caveat is to keep the mix to two finishes per room – any more than that can make the room look disjointed.

What does transitional mean?

Transitional simply means the fixture is versatile. Feel free to mix a transitional chandelier with contemporary pendants – the looks play well together and results in an ornate and sleek look.

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