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Friday, January 29, 2016

The Year of the Past - Lighting Trends of 2016

The Year of the Past

Lighting Trends of 2016
This is the year of nostalgia.
There is a surge of fixtures from the 50's, 60’s, and 70’s reminiscent of simpler times. This restoration of style indicates homeowners’ seeking solace in the past. Lighting styles from decades ago have been refreshed with modern flares.
Hinkley Lighting - Felix Collection - Sunset Gold & Steel Finish (Top Left)

Varaluz - Masquerade Collection - Hammered Ore Finish & Recycled Steel Acrylic Diffuser (Top Right)

Maxim Lighting - Cocoon Collection - Polished Chrome Finish & Fiber Glass Latex Shade (Bottom Left)

Varaluz - Fascination Collection - Zen Gold Finish & Recycled Champagne Glass (Bottom Right)

Organic Modernism & Mixing Metals
Organic Modernism, introduced in the 40’s, is a style of lighting that uses sustainable and natural resources for interior design. The materials focus on different types of wood, stone, leather, and recycled glass. Organic Modernism is often combined with hard texture metals and warm finishes. The revived organic style of bringing the outdoors in is a reaction to our technology-filled lifestyles. To be outside and a part of the natural world is in our biology.  This trend brings relief from our busy schedules, and reconnects with nature by creating a retreat of peace.

Eurofase Lighting - Cesto Collection - Wood and Amber Glass Finish (Top Left)

Varaluz - Flow Collection - Hammered Ore Finish & Glass Opal with Hand Forged Recycled Steel (Top Right)

Maxim Lighting - Norwood Collection - Black Finish with Ash-wood & Natural Uddo Oil (Bottom Left)

Varaluz - Tinali Collection - Gold Dust Finish & Sustainable Twine (Bottom Right)

Currey and Company - Drift Wood Collection - Natural Wood & Iron Finish (Left)

Currey and Company - Metamorphosis Collection - Antique Brass Finish (Middle)

Currey and Company - Oakington Collection - Bronze Finish & Vanilla Linen Shade (Right) 

Raw Textures and Warm Metals
The design elements in the 70’s were bold and raw. This was inspired by the response to changes in the social and political world. Brass became the vogue finish of the interior design industry. Then the 90’s experienced a Digital Revolution once again altering the world of design. Homeowners wanted minimal and cool metallic finishes like chrome and nickel to display a space age atmosphere. Now in 2016 people are finding comfort in heritage. The desired finishes are bronze, copper, brass, and gold with touches of hand-wrought craftsmanship. Different from the shiny lacquered brass, once popular in the 70’s and 80’s; light fixtures are now left unfinished. Brass is warming and an alluring aesthetic without being ostentatious. Visually these metals bring a perfect mixture of modern and tradition while adding an element of timeless artisan-ship.  

Visual Comfort - Gramercy Collection - Gilded Iron Finish (Top Left)

Visual Comfort - Re Collection - Gilded Iron Finish (Top Middle)

Troy Lighting - Link Collection - Bronze Leaf Finish & Hardback Organze Shade - (Far Right)

Crystorama - Layla Collection - Antique Gold Finish (Bottom Left)

Troy Lighting - Chaumont Collection - Distressed Driftwood with Gold Leaf & Wood Finish (Bottom Middle)

Rustic Chic
 Exposed brick, pipe, and duct work used to only be featured in urban lofts. Now this industrial design is finding its way into suburban homes with a flare of chic. The Industrial Chic look uses raw materials, recycled items, and simple shapes. Steel or concrete combined with wood or different textures create the balance between hard and soft. The Edison lamp is one of the main components for the Industrial Chic style. The lamp blends effectively with organic fixtures made of woods or other sustainable materials. The Edison lamp appearance is clear glass with carbon filament exposed in the center. The distinctive filament is the central attraction.  The Edison lamps emit a soft amber hue, creating a feeling of ease and reflecting on an earlier time of life
Hubbardton Forge - Otto Collection - Black & Brass Finish with Clear Glass (Top Left)

Maxim Lighting - Crete Collection - Polished Chrome Finish with Gray Concrete Cement & Black Fabric Covered Wire (Middle)

Eurofase Lighting - Rotem Collection - Copper Finish & Vintage Moroccan Souk Perforated Metal Shades (Far Right)

Varaluz - Jackson Collection - Antique Silver Finish & Recycled Window Pane Glass (Bottom Left)

The Sputnik Chandelier 
The Sputnik Chandelier is an eminent decorative symbol of the 60’s Space Race.
The first satellite to ever orbit earth was the Soviet Union’s Sputnik satellite, launched in 1957. This historic event inspired the United States to NASA. The “Atomic Age” became prominent all throughout the 60’s, heavily influencing the interior design industry. Iconic pieces like the Sputnik chandelier were born.
This mid-century modern light fixture has the qualities of a radiating starburst. The chandelier has many arms, each one supporting one lamp at the end. The Sputnik is such a legendary design that it can be mixed with other classic designs from any era.
The adoration for the Sputnik Chandelier comes from a time in history that broke all boundaries and gave strength to the past, present, and future.
Eurofase Lighting - Zazu Collection - Black & Chrome Finish (Top)

ET2 Lighting - Cassini Collection - Bronze Finish & Amber Murano Glass (Second)

Kichler Lighting - Armstrong Collection - Natural Brass Finish (Third)

Crystorama - Galileo Collection - Forged Bronze Finish (Bottom) 

Blog post written by Katie Douthitt from Dominion Electric Supply's Chantilly, VA lighting showroom.

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