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Monday, August 31, 2015

Outdoor Ceiling Fans make Summer Living a Breeze!

Outdoor ceiling fans can be a true luxury on a sultry summer day. After all, it's that slight breeze that makes a hot summer day truly enjoyable. So - before you wire that back porch or patio - consider adding a "Damp Rated" or "Wet Rated" outdoor ceiling fan.

What's the difference between "Damp Rated" and "Wet Rated" ceiling fans? Any ceiling fan that is in an outdoor location and is directly exposed to rain requires a UL "Wet" Rating. Ceiling fans in outdoor areas that are covered or not exposed directly to rain require a UL "Damp" Rating.
Where to install a WET rated fan: Patios, gazebos, pergolas or other outdoor living area where the fan is exposed directly to rain. Any covered porch where the fan is close enough to the edge for rain to blow on it.
Where to install a DAMP rated fan: Screened-in porch or sunroom, an indoor pool, bathrooms and laundry rooms.
Salt-Air Environments: Although there are no specific UL listings for fans used in salt-air environments, we believe you should choose a wet-rated fan for any outdoor areas that are exposed to salt air. Here are a few observations and recommendations:
Choose fans with powder coated finishes, as they will hold up better than polished metal surfaces.
Because of inclement weather and high winds associated with salt air environments, we recommend choosing ABS plastic unibody blades that are connected directly to the motor.
We also recommend "flush mounting" the fan motor directly to the porch, pergola or gazebo ceiling to avoid potentially damaging swinging that can occur in high winds.
Choose dark, rustic finishes. Like a handsome older man, a small amount of pitting and rusting only adds charm.
If a white or off white fan is required, ask about special UV coatings that are available to help prevent yellowing.
Remember to speak with our lighting and fan experts! They will guide you in selecting the right ceiling fan for your home and needs.

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