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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Free Cookies in honor of 75 Years!

Happy Anniversary to us!
Yes, now that it's March, Dominion Electric Supply has officially been family owned & operated for 75 years, and we think that's worth celebrating!

You can find all the details here:
and here:

But I wanted to specifically tell you about one of the fun things we're doing all month.
Each week we are featuring a different local bakery.  Come visit any one of our stores, counters or showrooms, and get a sweet treat!
This week it's Berger Cookies:

I was not very familiar with them, but they are a Baltimore legend.  
The Berger Cookie recipe was brought to America from Germany by George and Henry Berger in 1835.  They are a shortbread cookie with a thick layer of chocolate fudge.  Delicious!

So come visit us, get a yummy cookie, and see what else we have going on to celebrate!

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