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Monday, October 8, 2012

Trend: Empire Style Chandeliers

I've noticed a revival of one of my favorite chandelier styles lately:  the Empire style chandelier.  As I was walking around looking at our displays this morning, I was especially struck by the range in styles within the trend.  We have everything from contemporary with crystal to traditional with crystal to a couple of wooden ones.  These first three are quite similar, yet each has its own unique details that sets it apart from the next.

Crystorama 1548-CH-MWP

Corbett 133-06

Elk 31014/6
I would consider all of those fairly contemporary, and they all have crystal accents.  This next one is even more contemporary, but instead of crystal, it has glass balls forming the shape.

Hudson Valley 3116-PN
For traditional with crystal, we have this one:
Savoy House 1-3050-6-272
Are you starting to get a sense of what "empire style" is all about?  Next, here are the wooden ones:

Quoizel RLV5006MA

Feiss F2749/6 RI/BWD
And last, we even have an Empire Style chandelier with green glass accents:

Currey 9266

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