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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Progress Lighting and Delta faucets

Enlightenment Magazine has a great article in their current issue (May 2012) about the partnership between Progress Lighting and Delta Faucets.  Please read their article here:

Here are snapshots of their article:
Page 1 from Enlightenment Magazine

Page 2 from Enlightenment Magazine
So here's the scoop:  Progress Lighting and Delta Faucets have partnered to share matching finishes.  Progress has 8 different families, in 5 different finishes (-03 aged pewter, -06 pearl nickel, -09 brushed nickel, -15 polished chrome, and -74 Venetian bronze).  Here are the 8 families ~ I'm showing them all in a 3-light version, but they also have singles, doubles, and a few have quads:
P3264-09 from the Michael Graves family, shown in brushed nickel

P3242-15, also from the Michael Graves family, shown in polished chrome

P3147-09 from the Lockwood collection, shown in brushed nickel

P2760-03 ~ Lahara ~ in aged pewter

P2848-74 ~ Addison ~ Venetian Bronze

P3137-03 ~ Glenmont ~ aged pewter

P2995-15 ~ Leeland ~ polished chrome

P3029-06 ~ Victorian ~ pearl nickel
So you can select one of these lights, in their wonderful variety of finishes, and you'll know for sure that a Delta Faucet in the same finish will match!  Please note that not all lighting families come in all finishes.  You can see details at or email me at

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  1. Even I have these P3147-09 Progress Lighting from the Lockwood collection in my home,and partnership between Progress Lighting and Delta Faucets have increased the designs and variety of lights