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Monday, May 16, 2011

tED Magazine Recognition

Thank you to tED Magazine for recognizing our blog again in their May 2011 issue! The article is titled "Journaling on the Job". They say "the first step to a successful blog is determining exactly what the organization hopes to accomplish with it." Ours is "the cornerstone for the company's social media campaign; the name ties in with its ongoing retail ad campaign and reinforces its brand." It's true! If you haven't seen the other parts of our social media campaign, here are the links to find them:

  • our Facebook page is Dominion Electric Supply Co

  • our Twitter is @DomElecSup

  • our website is

  • our blog is

  • If you'd like to read the whole article, their website is
    Thank you, tED ~ it's always nice to know someone out there IS reading what we post! :)

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