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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Washington Post's Tip of the Week

I love it when my Washington Post Tip of the Week mentions lighting! Today they talk about home improvement projects for the winter months. One is updating your kitchen, including sprucing up your lights. Here is the link to the full article:

And here's my favorite excerpt:
Vary your lighting: Kitchens are used sporadically throughout the day, so why have only one source of light? Layer the light based on the various times it is used. A soft lamp is perfect for a morning cup of coffee or a midnight snack, a feast for the hockey team requires some overhead power. A hint: accent lights are a great way to light up an island, centerpiece or stove top while simultaneously adding aesthetic value.

And I must add my own tip: Don't forget your dimmers! Unless you have fluorescent lighting, almost all kitchen lighting can be dimmed (be careful with LED's, but even some of them are dimmable). You'll want control and the ability to have different moods and light levels ~ bright for cleaning and prep work, lower for entertaining and eating.

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