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Monday, August 30, 2010

Emerson St. Croix

We've just displayed the Big Daddy of all ceiling fans here in Chantilly! It is a show-stopper, for sure. We've noticed that almost every customer that sees it feels the need to touch it ~ almost like they're petting it! I guess it's just so spectacular, they just have to rub it or something!

The one on display is # CF3300ORH, which is Oil-Rubbed Bronze (but this pewter picture was much bigger and clearer on their web site!). You can see it here: Croix&Item=CF3300ORH/

And this is a cool shot from Emerson's home page, which also features the St. Croix:

The blades we have on display are B80HCW ~ 22" Hand-Carved Walnut.


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