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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

new WAC LED pendants & puck on display

We just hung some fabulous new WAC LED products on display in Chantilly! Check them out:

This is the catalog shot of my favorite. They call it "Genesis". They say "With dual uplight and downlight LED engines, Genesis combines functional performance with ambient light for a truly unique pendant." They are so right! I think it's gorgeous, and it's also amazingly bright!

This is an image of Genesis all by itself. The price on it is $285.25, and it uses only 5 watts of power.

This is the catalog page for "Quest". It is also beautifully bright. These are the brightest LED pendants I've seen so far.

This is the Quest all by itself, and it is $245.65, and this one is only 4.5 watts.

And then we also put out their LED puck light. You also would not believe how bright and beautiful this little guy is! It's at least as bright as its xenon counterpart.

They call it "LEDme Button Light", and they are $54 per puck, plus $32.35 for a 3-watt driver. Each puck has 3 x 1-watt LED diodes. (A traditional xenon puck uses 18 or 20 watts.)

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