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Friday, March 5, 2010

Washington Post's Tip of the Week

I love the way this Washington Post article begins: "Once upon a time, 30 or 40 years ago, the words "green kitchen" meant that your kitchen looked like the inside of an avocado." Here's a link to the article:
It's called "Eight Steps to a More Eco-Friendly Kitchen", and I'll bet you can guess that one of the steps involves lighting! Yes, #7 says "Pay attention to lighting ~ Avoid turning on the kitchen light when natural illumination is sufficient, and replace incandescent bulbs and fixtures with energy-efficient LED lighting."
In a related email I get from the Washington Post, titled "Home and Garden Tip - Ideas For Your Kitchen Renovation", they say "Install dimmers on your lighting. It's great for creating a warm ambiance at night." As our former Lutron rep, Sarah Smart, used to say, you wouldn't buy a stereo without a volume control, so why would you install a light without a brightness control? And today we know that dimmers save energy, so all the more reason to put them on every (non-CFL) light in your house!

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