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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WAC Lighting

We just had a great visit from Ryan Berlin from WAC Lighting, along with our local rep, Ed Armenta. They told us about a great video on WAC's website that talks about the integrity of the company:

I had forgotten that WAC has a 5 year warranty on all of their products, which is much longer than most of our other vendors. They also have some amazing new LED products like these:

This is an LED pendant that I'm dying to see in person (they hope to be shipping them in a couple of weeks). It lights both up through the glass, as well as down onto your work surface. I'll have one on display in my office as soon as we can get one!

This is a gorgeous little LED display light. We gave him some feedback about how we'd like to see it tweaked so we could use it as a desk lamp, a picture light, or a bedside reading light, so hopefully there will be new versions some day!

This picture represents their LED tape light that can now be used under water ~ in pools, fountains, fish tanks, you name it! It can be submerged up to 5 feet.

This is another LED pendant that we DID get to see, and it is amazingly bright! I'm also going to order one of these to hang in my office. This one only shines down, but it's still stunning!

And this is their LED puck light. A lot of people are coming out with LED units for under cabinets, but there is SUCH variety in color, light output, and the quality of the light. WAC seems to have nailed it on their puck, so we plan to get one of these on display soon!
So come visit us in Chantilly in a few weeks if you'd like to see any of these products live and in action! I think LED is making it an exciting time to be in lighting!

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