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Friday, February 12, 2010

Light Show Online

Hello everyone! Dominion Electric is finally open for business again today, after digging ourselves out of back-to-back snowstorms here! Nothing like being stuck at home for a few days to make me happy to see my desk again!

I got an email from our Kichler rep (Michael Graves) ~ he had gotten this email from a North Carolina rep:
"My very good friend and business associate, Richard Allan, has produced a series of YOUTUBE videos featuring products from several great companies that he represents and that show at the Dallas Market. He is producing these under the name LIGHT SHOW. I think if you view them, you will find them interesting, informative, & enlightening, (no pun intended!) As you are choosing the videos you are interested in seeing, please note that he has, or will be doing, clips for several lines we represent: Kichler, Fanimation, WAC, Mariana, & Bruck.
As a favor to Richard, through me, please subscribe to Light Show. You can do so by clicking the link below. "

I had trouble with that link from work, so here are a couple of others to try if you also have difficulties:
My favorite is the "Lacey" family ~ it reminds me of a much more expensive family we used to have by another manufacturer.

After watching all of Richard's videos, I feel like I attended the Dallas Market in January. Thanks, Richard! (And thanks also to Michael Graves & Skip Hulett for sharing.)

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