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Monday, October 19, 2009

Lutron Radio Powr Savr

I was just reading the October issue of our TED magazine (The Electrical Distributor), and I saw this Lutron ad:

We just installed this in our basement this weekend! My boys are forever leaving the lights on down there, and we have 4 fixtures that take 3-60 watt bulbs each, so it's a LOT of energy. But we like to be able to dim the lights from the top AND the bottom of the stairs, so until now, our choices were really limited. But my husband was able to put this in with NO problems and quite quickly (yes, it helps that he's a former electrician AND he works in inside sales here at Dominion Electric Supply!) ~ and it works like a charm. The sensor is completely wireless, so he just stuck it on the ceiling and then changed out the two dimmers. Pretty nifty!


  1. we have a basement too where the kids leave the lights on all the time. problem is sometimes we want the lights off when people are IN the room, watching a movie or even having as sleepover. will this work for that?

  2. Yes, if you buy the "Vacancy" version which means you have to manually turn the lights on but the sensor will still turn them off if accidentally left on.