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Thursday, October 15, 2009

CharityWorks GreenHouse

Eileen Naughton from my showroom attended the CharityWorks GreenHouse yesterday and said it was so fabulous, she went through it twice! I'm hoping to go next week, but in the mean time, I thought I'd share the highlights from the program she picked up.

This is the front cover of the book, with a great drawing of the house (of course, Eileen says it's much more gorgeous in person).

This is the "before" picture. Eileen tells me their goal had been to use 50% of the materials from this original house, and they actually used 97%! Isn't that incredible???

Here's our ad!

Skip Sroka gave us a nice mention...

... as did Susan Gulick, one of my oldest and dearest customers!

I'm also pleased to see Dominion Electric Supply mentioned by so many of the designers, along with many products we carry:
Susan Gulick and her team consulted with Erin Schwartz in my showroom for their lighting design needs, and they used Jesco LED lights in their media room.
Skip Sroka listed us in his resources & special thanks area, mentioning LED Lighting by Jesco.
Barry Dixon utilized Lutron shades & Robert Abbey desk lamps.
Raji Radhakrishnan used Cree LLF Recessed LED Lights in her areas.
And our Kichler/Jesco rep, John Chapman, tells me they also used Kichler LED landscape lights outside.

So we all need to get over there and see all this fantastic work!

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