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Friday, July 17, 2009

Kichler LED Rail Lights

Today, we have a guest blogger from my showroom staff, Cathleen Smith:

Hi everyone…it’s a cloudy day out here in Chantilly VA…so thought I would write about some new “bright” ideas.

As you may know, we carry the newer version of track lighting (if not, let me tell you now that we do!), which are called “rail lights”. They usually have 3-4 heads placed on a rail and each socket can use a 50 watt halogen bulb. They are great for lighting a dark room with using only one light box!

Well now Kichler has come out with some LED versions of the rail light. They are very attractive and Energy Star qualified, so they are the “green” way. Each LED head has a 5 watt LED, which is equivalent light output to a 50 watt MR16 halogen bulb, and are fully dimmable with an electronic low voltage dimmer. Another great feature of these is that they can be mounted on either the ceiling or wall. The factory says that the fixture life is an average of 15 years!!! Imagine not having to change a light bulb for 15 years!!!

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