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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lighting FAQ's

Today I wanted to go over some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (with some answers, of course!):
~What size chandelier should I use for my dining room?
The general rule of thumb here is to add the length & width of your room together, make that inches, and that is the diameter you want for your chandelier. So if your room is 14' x 16', you'd want a chandelier about 30" wide (give or take a couple of inches). And you want it to hang 30-36" off the table, or 5' off the floor.
~How do I light a hall?
You want a light every 8 to 10 feet, be it a recessed light or a flush ceiling-mounted light.
~How high should I mount my wall sconces?
Usually about 60" off the floor.
~How high should I mount my front door lights?
Slightly above eye level, or 66" above the bottom of the door.
~How far off the floor should a floor lamp or table lamp be?
The bottom of the lamp shade should be 42" from the floor. For a desk lamp, it should be about 16" from the work surface and 13" from the front of the desk. And for torchieres, they should be 66-72" from the floor.

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