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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

I've been thinking all day, Earth Day, that I should post about something "green".... But I do that so many other days with all my LED postings! So instead, I thought I'd tell you about our Red Tag Event & our upcoming Spring Sale. We just mailed & emailed this coupon, but you can just mention that you saw it here and get the early discount. We have over 200 items on red tag sale right now in our Chantilly store. I always start them at 30% off our regular prices (which are actually already discounted 40% off list/reference prices). Then if we still have them a few months later, I cut them more and more, so that's how some ending up being as much as 50% off our original prices. So there are some great deals here! Then our Spring Sale will be 15% off those regularly discounted prices, on everything in stock (excluding fans). But you don't have to wait till May 7th ~ just mention this blog, and we'll give you the discount now!

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