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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Energy Star

I spent this morning at the NVBIA "Future of Green Building" seminar. Even though we're not a builder, I want to make sure we're aware of the needs of our green builders, so I'm trying to stay informed!
Luckily, I think the lighting portion of a "green" house is fairly straight-forward. Dominion Electric Supply is an Energy Star partner, and a lot of our manufacturers make Energy Star labeled products, so we have access to plenty of products that meet the specifications. You can read more about our partnership on our website at The main reason I think we're lucky is that a lot of this green talk can be really confusing, but lighting is easier, because fixtures are either energy efficient (LED or compact fluorescent, basically!) or they are not (incandescent). And if the builder needs to have the official Energy Star rating, all of our catalogs clearly label their approved fixtures. Really, these are exciting times in our world, because the technologies are evolving so fast ~ we are constantly seeing new products, especially in LED. Stay tuned here ~ you know I'll be featuring them!

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