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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tech Lighting

We just had an informative visit from our Tech Lighting regional manager, Leslie Winters, along with our local rep, Liz Iacone of Zanger & Associates. First of all, they have a wonderful new catalog coming out, and they are doing their best to save the environment by printing their catalog at a facility that uses wind-generated electricty, condensing their price sheet (that alone will save 5 million sheets of paper!), and donating all glass that doesn't meet their standards to a manufacturer of recycled glass countertops. They are also now offering the largest selection of LED pendants in the industry. You can check them out here of course, or at I'm hoping to get one on display very soon, but until then, we can show you the new catalog!
I'm off to Cleveland for a few days ~ mostly to visit friends and hear one of my favorite singers, Robbie Schaefer of Eddie from Ohio, but we'll also visit the Kichler Lighting factory while we're in town. So I'll try to remember to take some pictures for next week's posts!

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