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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jewelry crystal

Happy Friday! Today we're experimenting with pictures! Framburg is one of my favorite companies. They are one of the very few lighting companies who still make everything here in the USA. I visited their factory many years ago but remember certain things like it was yesterday, like seeing a bunch of women sitting at machines where they were buffing every single link of chain! And their men bend the arms of the chandeliers by a combination of machines... and then bending it over their knees! Anyway, this is one of my current favorite fixtures hanging in our showroom. You have to come see it, because the pictures don't do it justice! It has a band of jewelry crystal embedded in the ebony column ~ and we just changed the bulbs in our display to halogen so now ours really sparkles. Next I'm going to try to post pictures of the sister fixture, which is a 5-arm chandelier with shades. Gorgeous!
Our other big excitement around here these days is we're remodeling the old contractor bathroom. About 5 years ago we built a new warehouse behind us, and the contractor counter moved to the new building. So we took over the old counter space and made it pretty, but we'd never done the bathroom down here. So now we are! They are painting today, and I think the wall tiles are going in on Monday. We still haven't picked our light fixtures for in there, so I'll keep you posted ~ there are so many beautiful choices, we're having a hard time deciding! I'm sure anyone who has ever remodeled a room in their house can relate to that dilemma.
And right now 3 of our buyers are off in Dallas at the big lighting show. It sounds like there are some amazing and exciting new products for us, so I can't wait till the reps come through and show us the pictures. Tune back in soon ~ I'll be sure to feature all of the new cool things as I see them!

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